Fix Epson Printer When Shows Offline


                       Epson is one of the World’s largest productions and trader of computers, printers, and imaging related equipment and Its headquarters in the Suwa that is located in Japan. Epson has many subsidiaries in global and its main focus is to manufacture of Inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers and other than the printer they also fabricate the  Scanners, Desktop, computers, business, multimedia, and fascinating home theater projects, They also manufacture the robots and industrial automation equipment. Epson does not focus only on the technology but it also focuses on the reliability and the environmental impacts also. That makes the company make the creative innovative products that are recyclable, eco-friendly and energy efficient. Epson printer is  developing the environmental standards to precise the technologies and that will helps the company to do multiple energy-saving features.

What is the reason behind that makes an offline printer show as online again?

 Just  Follow these steps to assure you aren’t fumbling any items to mend your printer from offline to online.

1 The first reason behind the epson printer is offline that can be the not proper connection of usb cable and that makes the trouble for the printers A user must check that both the ends of usb cable is properly connected with the computer and the printer. After that check that printer ethernet cable is properly inserted in the computer and if in case that printer is in wireless in nature then checkout the internet connection and make sure that it is connected to your router. If in case you are using the cable with the multiple ports and sockets on your printer then  You should try the other cables so that you can get to know that fault is not in cable. Then after that checkout the printer is working or not because the fault can be in your network connection.

 2 Another Reason is that  how we can set the printer to Online with a few steps 

First, go to the start icon then after there is an option that is showing on the bottom left on the screen then choose the control panel 

Then choose the devices and printers

Then a user has to right click on the Printer in the question and then choose that “what is printing.”

Now A window will open now choose the Printer that is shown Menu bar at the Top.

Now you  have to select that  the Use printer online that is shown over the drop down menu.

Now after The “See what’s printing” Menu just right click on it and click on the cancel button where the jobs present. And after the print jobs are removed then select on the Use printer online button again and if there is any print job is remaining then you can restart both your PC and the printer.

 3 Another step which is the reason for the Epson printer is offline that is your configuration problem and now just right click on the printer from the devices and printer and now just select the option from the Device and the printers. Now add the printer again Just click on select the option add a printer form the devices and printers. 

 4 Remove the Printer Drivers and the Package

You should make sure that you are using the windows as an Admin of the windows and sign in as the Admin

Now go the command 

Now type the “printui /s /t2 and also includes the space between them as I mentioned and open the print server properties window. Now just remove the Driver and package for the printer. Now you can add the printer again by selecting A add the printer form the devices and printer.Your printer now is shown as online and that will able you to continue the printing.

If you still do not get the solution to solve it then go for further advice you would go to the technician because this can be another electronically problem in it.

 5 If the above steps do not work then A user has to reinstall the drivers.

The first thing is to reinstall the drivers go to the settings then go the printers and then select the printers and now just right click on the printer and these choose the option Properties.

Under the ‘General and the Details’ look at the Driver Button and then select it and choose the Driver button again.

A user can download the driver from the official website and A user can Reinstall the printer and the under “printers” in the settings menu then just go  back and select the printer and now A user has to delete the Printer from the Menu and A user can reinstall it again with the following option “ Add a printer “

Reference Link: Click Here