How To Connect Canon MX490 Printer To Wifi.

Printer plays the most critical role in our lives today. Wherever you are, at the office or home, you know the importance of both locations of the printer. There are lots of Printer company in the market, but the canon is one of the most trustable brands. But it also has some issues and errors. So here we are discussing connection of canon mx90 printer to wifi. Sometimes you are facing very irritating types of issues. You do a lot of things to fix these problems, but you can’t fix them, but sometimes they need simple solutions like Canon ij setup.

Canon MX490 printer is one of the best performance printers to be used in many different ways. As one of the gigantic printer products, Canon provides you with the choice of connecting your printer to a wireless network. You can readily take advantage of network sharing at your workplace with the assistance of this. If you don’t understand this operation, take Canon Customer Service immediately.

The steps to setup canon mx490 printer to wifi are easy and directly followed 

In just a few measures you can set up your canon mx490 printer to wifi. Wireless printing enables you to print and print via pcs or any connected mobile devices nearly from anywhere in your office or home office. There are 2 ways to link to your network.

  1. From access point

For easier access to the network, some routers or hubs (entry points) already have WPS switches. If you have WPS, all you need to do is click the key to link your printer to the wireless network and obey the necessary directions.

      2.    Standard connection

  1. Run CD for configuration on your desktop.
  2. A display with choices for your attachment will occur.
  4. Turn on the printer.
  5. Make sure the blue light flashes. Click TO THE NETWORK CONNECT.
  6. Select WPS to automatically connect to the wireless system. (Compatible only with Windows 7 and above) Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer for Connection Via Cableless configuration and hold twice until the orange light flashes.
  7. Once effectively attached to the wireless network, blue lamp light will switch on.
  8. Click NEXT to finish the installation and configuration and provide the necessary data.

Canon MX490 printer is one of multifunctional trendy printers. Most people prefer Canon printers for their quality and speed in creating the prints. However, you will no longer be prepared to use it without proper Canon mx 490 printer to wifi. This paper will therefore assist you to link canon mx490 printer to wifi without any difficulty.

Steps to accomplish setup canon mx490 printer to wireless network:

  1. Make sure you set the router correctly before linking the printer completely and there is no network error. Connect your machine to the network. Plug the printer in and switch on the power socket. The printer’s red light shows that your printer is working.
  2. When the screen display is blank after switching on the printer, after the ‘ Setup ‘ button in the touch panel display, click the ‘ Copy ‘ button.
  3. The touch panel will show choices for wireless LAN configuration, press the OK button and begin looking for distinct types entirely. 
  4. The LAN Wireless LAN Standard Setup ‘ Display Display ‘ is located on top of the monitor. Select Cable-less configuration on the touch screen to continue with the installation method.
  5. Select Cable-less configuration on the touch screen to continue with the installation method. Now finish the download CD with your computer through the Canon MX490 printer software. You can access the software from the website of Canon digitally.
  6. Choose your language, choose the Canon MX490 country and printer model. Choose your operating system and equipment.  
  7. To download the driver file, select the folder. Run the downloaded file and click the setup next to it.
  8. Make sure your canon printer is on as the software searches which device is attached to the Canon MX490 printer to wifi network.
  9.  If you first connect, the list must be vacant.
  10. Click on the configuration panel for cable-less, the installation manual should be on your machine. For a short time, the network link will be completely disabled and connected again.
  11. The method of installation will start, verify the permit and contract to start the method, and press the ‘ Full ‘ tab after setting up.

You must follow the directions below to set up a Canon mx490 printer on a windows desktop.

  1. You must first unpack the cartridges in your printer and switch on your printer.
  2. Connect to your laptop one USB cord END and another END.
  3. Once correctly attached, your Canon printer will be installed automatically. 
  4. Sometimes it will not automatically mount canon printer controllers, so you need to access Canon’s official desktop website.

You need to register your printer model and download the recent printer controllers as per your printer model once you open
Reference link: click here


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