Ways To Connect Canon Printer Via Canon IJ Setup

Printer plays the most critical role in our lives today. Wherever you are, at the office or home, you know the importance of both locations of the printer. There are lots of Printer company in the market, but the canon is one of the most trustable brands. But it also has some issues and errors. So here we are discussing Canon Printer set up through Canon.com/ij setup. Sometimes you are facing very irritating types of issues. You do a lot of things to fix these problems, but you can’t fix them, but sometimes they need simple solutions like Canon ij setup.

Canon ij setup will direct you to install the recent updated Canon printer controllers, as well as to visit http://www.canon.com/ijsetup for Canon printer configuration. If we’re talking about first name printers in our mind is Canon printer, we’re going to inform you on this page how to set up canon ij printer with little computer understanding.

To set up your canon printer, follow these directions:

1.  Connection between Canon IJ setup Printer and WiFi Network: Once you pursue these measures, it should be as simple as pie: Connect with energy supply to your printer.

(A) Press the Canon Printer’s power button. 

(B) Press the setting icon afterwards and click the arrow icon when the printer displays the configuration of the phone, click OK.

(C) Click the arrow button and press OK until you see the LAN Configurations.

says Connected, press OK again.

Now your printer is set up to wireless. Now the time is the second most important step is to connect your Canon printer to your desktop or laptop. After that steps canon ij setup done.

2. Add the Wireless Canon Printer to your Desktop or Laptop: Follow these steps to connect your Canon Printer with your Desktop or Laptop.

(A) Simultaneously press the Windows logo key and R on your computer keyboard. Then print and paste “Microsoft. DevicesAndPrinters control / name” into the cabinet and press OK. 

(B) Click the Add Printer icon to display the bottom left of your computer screen. 

(C) After that, your computer will search for a printer when your printer displays the outcome search by clicking the Add icon.

3. What to do If you are experiencing some strange problem with your Canon printer: we will discuss some prevalent issues in this move while connecting a Canon Printer to your laptop. 

(A) randomly appear error notifications 

(B) it won’t even print at all, etc.(D) Click the button button to go to wireless LAN configuration, then click OK.

If this mistake is displayed by your Canon Printer, you must reinstall your Canon Printer Driver and Software. And you need to set up Canon ij setup . If your printer driver or software has been purchased, then update them. These issues sometimes appear due to an elderly variant of Driver.

Why Choose Canon.com/ijsetup?

To get all your Canon printer designs with the recent and modified controllers.

Very quick and efficient all the printers.

Canon ij setup is very simple by visiting the official website of canon.com/ijsetup. 

Canon printer tech assistance specialist will always be there if you encounter any problems during setup.

You can see the device download connection on the cabinet that is http://www.canon.com/ijsetup for printers when you purchase a printer.

All Canon printers model engines will be available on this page.

How to setup Canon USB printer on windows computer?

You must follow the directions below to set up a Canon USB printer on a windows desktop.

  1. You must first unpack the cartridges in your printer and switch on your printer.
  2. Connect to your laptop one USB cord END and another END.
  3. Once correctly attached, your Canon printer will be installed automatically. 
  4. Sometimes it will not automatically mount canon printer controllers, so you need to access Canon’s official desktop website.

You need to register your printer model and download the recent printer controllers as per your printer model once you open http:/canon.com/ijsetup.

How to install Canon wireless printer on windows computer?

  • Using the canon.com/ijsetup official Canon printer driver page, measures below will assist you set up Canon wireless printer.
  • Install and switch cartridges in your printer. Make sure you’ve got a WPS key on your WIFI router and linked your laptop and printer to the same network.
  • Go to the browser and open http://www.canon.com/ijsetup on your desktop and check your printer model and download the recent enhanced Canon printer controllers.
  • If it is not mounted automatically, you must go to your printer’s environments manually and select the wireless choice and click the WPS key on your WIFI router within 2 minutes. 
  • Once your printer has been mounted, experiment it with machine printing.

To install Canon Printer without a CD, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Unbox and switch your computer on.
  2. Now machines of day do not have a CD drive to download Canon printer controllers from the website of canon.com/ijsetup.
  3. Once you have entered your printer design on the http:/canon.com/ijsetup page, pick your working scheme and download the configuration file for the Canon printer.
  4. Double press the downloaded folder and obey the canon printer driver download directions.

How to setup Canon printer on MAC?

To mount Canon printer on MAC, visit canon.com/ijsetup mac.

  • Insert the cartridges and switch the Canon printer on.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your canon printer.
  • Click attach printer to mount canon printer controllers automatically.
  • You need to download printer drivers from http://www.canon.com/ijsetup mac if the above measures do not operate.
  • To mount Canon printer, click on the downloaded file.

Follow the steps below if you don’t have a USB cable.

  1. Turn the printer on. Locate on the WIFI router the WPS key.
  2. Download canon.com/ijsetup MAC printer controllers.
  3. Open and follow measures to the downloaded file. 
  4. You will be asked to click the WPS button on WIFI while following the instructions and then click the OK button on the printer.
  5. It will connect to the network once it has been completed.
  6. Now press on the printer to add and find the printer to mount on your MAC computer.
  7. Once everything has been accomplished, print a sample to verify.

Upgrade Canon IJ Printer to USB

If after setting up your Canon printer, you are unable to find your printer or go through it with ij.start.canon, then you need to pick’ configuration network link via USB’ and move to NEXT.

Follows a cabinet from which you need to move to the  canon ij setup configuration and connect your printer to your laptop by attaching the USB cable. Click Next if you are using Mac.

After all this is accomplished, the access point to which your machine is attached will be noticed on the display. To combine your printer with that specific wireless network, go ahead and press YES.

If you’re a user of MAC, then click ALLOW. Then you will have to dismantle your printer from the desktop and pick NEXT from the display.

On the monitor  thereafter click on the particular option version that we are looking for and click on ADD.

For whole competion of Canon IJ setup, click Next.

Reference Link: Click Here


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